Thursday, December 4, 2014

Fitting Heat Boxes To Lower Exhaust Manifold Shells

 Welded to the bottom of each manifold there is a heat box for Carburetor Heat. Before I can weld them on I need to adjust the shape of the weld flanges to fit more closely to the lower shell.

These are the heat boxes for the left manifolds.  I'm making enough for 3 motors.  Because of the slight variations with hand forming the shells the boxes fit better on the original manifold (in the back) than on the ones I made.
 The first step was to mark where the box sets on the shell.
 You can see how the shell is not a flat on the bottom as planned so the ends do not set down on the shell.

After a little reshaping of the flanges they fit snug to the shell.

All 6 bottom shells with boxes fitted for welding.