Monday, March 2, 2015

Exhaust Manifold Flanges - Inlet Opening Side Cutting

 The weather warmed up to 50 degrees.  A nice afternoon to work on cutting the sides of the inlet openings in the flanges.  I found the parts would set in the fixture without clamping them down while cutting.

I also found it was easier to heat the corner hole to start the cut by tipping the torch up perpendicular to the flange and, then lowering it to the 18 degree angle before starting the cut.

The cuts came out great but I forgot I needed to make a final adjustment to the front roller guides after the first part.  The guides were about 3/32" to close together so all these parts will need to be filed to correct my forgetfulness.  Based on how these parts fit the manifold shells I'll make some final adjustments to all the guides on both fixtures.

It's cool that it all works so well.

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