Friday, March 6, 2015

Exhaust Manifold Flanges - Ready to Weld

I was so excited that the cutting operation worked and learning about any issues using the torch that I forgot to check that the guides were set square and adjusted to make the correct width opening.  As a result I needed to do some filing to open the holes a little.

 To make it easy I drew 18 degree guide lines on the top of the vise and then worked one end of the flange, flipped it over and worked on the other end.

I bought a cheap ($33) Bandfile from Harbor Freight.  It's a 1/2" wide belt sander.  I used it to quickly cut down the steel.

 With the ends close to size I used a 10" bastard file to finish them so my gauge block fit.

I made the block from a piece of 1/2" x 1" bar stock 1-7/8" long.  I carefully ground the ends square so I could check both the size of the opening and, to make sure the ends were parallel and square to the sides.

 The Bandfile had a small problem.  The backing plate/guides for the belt were made of rubber and the cloth belt quickly ground them to dust.  They were just glued on so I made new ones from 0.090" 4130 steel and super glued them on with a gel glue.  I radiused the ends to save wear on the belt.  They work great.  The belts which came with it worked but were a little wimpy.  They are 18" belts so I bought an 3" x 18" P60 Shop Smith Ceramic Belt and cut it into 1/2" strips, much better.  You just cut the cloth belt on the inside with a knife with break-away blades.  These are the same belts I like for metal work on the Shop Smith and they work great.

The Bandfile really helped clean up the sides since it's hard to hold them and do much filing.

 I made a gauge 1/1/8" wide, 3/8" thick, with an 18 degree cut on the end to check the gap between the 2 angled sides.

When the gauge fits flush to the surface the gap is wide enough for the manifold to fit.

 The flanges fit great on the manifold.  Now I need to finish the fixture to hold the flanges in position while welding them to the manifold shell.

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